WHAT IS KUSCCO Capital Accumulator?

KUSCCO Capital Accumulator is a With-Profit Endowment plan which is designed to provide a maturity Benefit upon the Policyholder surviving the policy term.

Based on preference the Policyholder can opt for either:
• Capital Accumulator With-Life Cover Rider or,
• Capital Accumulator Without-Life Cover rider

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Why Choose KUSCCO Capital Accumulator?

• Fund Accumulator - It is an assured means of accumulating savings to build up capital with minimal risk

• Guaranteed Return - It enjoys Guaranteed-Return which are credited in the policy
annualy in form of Reversionary Bonuses

• Tax Relief - The Policyholder enjoys Tax Relief of 15% of the premium subject to a
maximum of Kshs. 5,000 per month (Kshs. 60,000 per year) if the With-Life option is selected and the term is not less than 10 years

• Flexible investment tool - It is designed in a flexible manner to enable you to fix your
short and long term financial goals

Whare Are The Benefits

• Maturity Benefit - The full sum assured will be payable plus the accrued bonuses up to the date of maturity

• Death Benefit - This is an optional rider. A benefit equivalent to the full sum assured will
be payable to the named beneficiaries on death of the policyholder