This is a savings plan for your child's education But also a means of giving you life protection asyou enjoy guaranteed returns on investment


Plan for your childs education in advance

Guaranteed returns to your savings

15% Insurance tax relief on premiums paid up to 60,000 pa.

Designed to fit into your needs and long term financial plans

Pays total benefit of 150% sum assured


What are the Benefits?

  • Timely payment plan: 

- Pays 20% sum assured at 6 years to maturity

-Pays 30% sum assured at 3 years to maturity

-Pays 100% sum assured at maturity

  • Death/PTD Benefit-Waiver of future premiums in the event of Death/PTD
  • Investment returns depend on performance of life fund.
  • Guarantees at least 1.5% annual bonus on your investments.
  • The plan provides for policy loan on the fund value during the policy term


General Exlusions

Illegitimate/Unlawful activities - The policy excludes against any loss that arises out of the insured engaging in any activity that is against the laws.

Suicide and Self-inflicted injury - Any loss occuring as a result of self-inflicted injuries and suicide are excluded from this cover.

Drugs and substance abuse - Any loss or disability occuring as a result of use of drugs and substance abuse will not be covered under this policy.

Adventurous Sports - Any loss or disability occuring as a result of engaging in hazardous sporting activities and pasttime will not be covered under this policy.